Monday, September 9, 2013

Tutorial: Watch your youtube videos at Double Speed

I sometimes watch videos at double speed in order to save time. If you'd like to do the same, here's how I do it for Youtube videos.

Step 1 - Switch Youtube to “HTML5 Mode”

Visit and click “join the HTML5 trial”. I haven't found any negative side effects to using the HTML5 mode. Just be sure you're using a modern browser. Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera or IE version 9 or better are known to work.

Joining the HTML5 trial also means that you can watch videos without flash enabled.

There is no step 2.  You can now go a youtube video of your choice and watch it at double speed.
Look for the settings menu in the toolbar of the video (see the screenshot below).

Look for the little gear at the bottom of your video, you may need to pass your mouse over the video before it appears.

This works with most youtube videos. You will need to do this on every browser that you want this to work with. Don't expect to just walk up to a new computer and expect it to be in HTML5 trial mode.

I was going to create a video to show how to do this, but thought better of the idea. If you're like me, for something like this, you prefer a short checklist of instructions and some screenshots. Our websites on a budget video is great at double speed!

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