Monday, October 14, 2013

Lack of Linux Knowledge is a barrier to innovation

People come to me all the time with challenges related to computer projects that they’re working on. Many of these projects assume Linux knowledge as a base, which further compounds the problem. Apart from knowledge specific to the project, they must also be able to apply this in the context of an unfamiliar Linux system.

In case you missed it, in the world of programming, networking and systems it is to your benefit to “speak” more than just Windows. The truth is that there's a whole other world beyond Microsoft. Some persons choose to work around their limitations by outsourcing their Linux problems or waiting to adopt technologies later on, after those who “speak” Linux have built the tools to allow a wider audience to make use of these innovations. But in many cases, if you don't know Linux you are left to wait on those who do and your lack of knowledge effectively becomes a barrier, locking you out from early adoption and, by extension, certain types of innovation.

Breaking the Barrier

On October 26 we are going to be giving Jamaican techies the opportunity to step up their Linux game with our hands-on “Essential Linux Super Powers” session. This goes beyond the standard knowledge session, and is a full blown, bring your own device (BYOD), hands-on session.

Where is this Innovation?

If you doubt me, here's a short list of industries where Linux is the primary platform for innovation.


Projects like Asterisk and Freeswitch lead the pack for developing PBX phone solutions and they are both developed primarily on Linux first.

Super computers

When it comes to building super computers, Linux is a driving force in the growth of super computers.

Tiny computers

Linux is right there when it comes to small computers as well, from the $35 RaspberryPI to powering small systems like the Chromecast and most smartphones.

Want to get started?

So if you're ready to get started then sign up for the “Essential Linux Super Powers” session today!