Monday, September 9, 2013

Sessions in September: Websites on a Budget, Business Model Primer

Here’s an overview of our upcoming sessions for September.

Tuesday - Website on a Budget

I do web development and a few years ago I started to notice the a rise of web based platforms that allow you to “do it yourself” without needing to know programming. The first mature versions of these platforms emerged in the late 2000s. For some reason web developers have tended to turn their nose up at these systems preferring the more “powerful” tools.

I've taught students and worked with clients and discovered that the “power tools” sometimes add too much overhead to basic project. This session explores a recipe I came up with to build a starter website on a tight budget using one of the new site builders. You may discover, like many others who have tried it, that you can get a couple years of value out of a starter site before you're ready for the bigger things.

It isn’t too late to sign up by visiting

Thursday - Business Model Creation Primer

If you have more business ideas than you can manage then you may find this session valuable. It focuses on a process that streamlines the tasks of taking a business idea and developing it into a working business model. I’m on the learning curve with business development myself but have found this approach so useful it's worth sharing. Learn more about this session on Business model creation.

The rest of September

Here’s the September timetable.

Tuesday, September 10
 Websites on a Budget
Thursday, September 12
 The Business Model Creation Primer
Tuesday, September 17
 Drupal Getting Started
Thursday, September 19
 Design for Developers
Thursday, September 26
 The Tech Behind Online Marketing

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