Monday, September 9, 2013

Technology Coaching from Tutorate

Just like in sports, there are times when a business could benefit from a coach. We’re already doing this for clients, but now we have a name :).

Think of it as helping you to get your technology technique right, while you keep executing on your business.

You don't need another four-day seminar that will take you out of the office, you need a technology coach.
Our core support includes Web, Cloud and Content Strategies.
  • Conversations - First we come in and have conversations with your key team members
  • Charting - Then we create a plan that matches your real business goals (the things that affect your revenue goals, overheads and performance)
  • Coaching - We schedule short sessions with your key leaders and teams to help you with the implementation of your strategy. 

Just in Time Improvements

We’ve discovered that many businesses want to improve but don’t want to take their eyes off the core business. Our approach makes it possible to improve on your execution even with the tools you already have. More importantly, a coach sees your blind spots and can prescribe how to improve on those. As part of all of this,  we’ll introduce you to new tools and techniques that will make your day more efficient. 

Project Oriented

If you’re ready to try us out we recommend that you identify a discrete project within your organization. We’ll talk with you about your business goals, timelines and objectives.

Our coach then comes beside your team during the set-up, planning and execution of the project with the aim of helping your team to be more effective. We’ll make recommendations about skills that you can ramp up and help you get there quickly.

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