Saturday, December 29, 2012

What do you need in order to learn web technologies?

If you could design the ideal service to help yourself learn new web technologies what would it be?

We're trying to create something like that for you. So far we have a few guesses.

People want to learn this stuff

The first assumption is that people actually want to learn this stuff. They may have different motivations ranging from job security to entrepreneurship but we are guessing that people want to learn web technologies.

People appreciate guidance

Most persons appreciate a roadmap and guided learning. To put it another way, the shortest path to working knowledge is best. Not that the shortest path is always to quickest way to learn, we don't believe that  learning without understanding is that useful (is that even learning?)

How you can help?

We need your guidance. Tutorate aims to offer "Web Learning for the Impatient", our guesses might be totally wrong or we might be missing something so your ideas and guidance are supremely useful as we move forward.

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