Thursday, December 27, 2012

Do we need Facebook?

Now that we've started to promote Tutorate, we're faced with the question, how do we reach our target audience? Will starting a Facebook page help? At this point I'm not sure, in fact I'm inclined to say that it won't help.

We're still in the stage of developing a community, and our best guess is that the more techie and pioneering types are hanging out on Google+ and Twitter. They are not mainstream and they are going to be following hashtags like #HTML5, #Nodejs and #Redis.  To test this hunch the current strategy involves the following approach:

  1. Establishing a presence on Twitter and identifying experts who might be candidates for running future workshops
  2. Using our blog as a hub, from here we share our ideas to various channels which at this point are primarily Google+ and Twitter (though we do have a mailing list mixed in there). 
Facebook would be one more channel to monitor and manage and we really don't want to go there at this point. Feel free to reach out and tell us if we're going about this in the wrong way.

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