Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Full Stack Web Development Series for Kingston, Jamaica starts in May 2015

We're running a Full Stack Web Development Course starting this May, right here in Kingston, Jamaica and you'll want to know how to attend. The Tutorate May 2015 Web Development Series is designed to launch the next crop of Jamaican startup entrepreneurs and we'll be teaching Python-based web application development.

update: Based on recent feedback, we've reworked the programme to be a bit more modular, you can read more about the "Tutorate Climb" this here. We've also worked in 3 times as many contact hours for the same price.

Tutorate Web Development Series

We're partnering with the folks at realpython.com to bring you comprehensive material. Expect a deep dive into Python-based web application development where you'll learn Flask, Django and more. This nine-week-long face-to-face series will be supported between classes by assignments and associated video content. Full stack means you'll also learn Javascript, including a primer on AngularJS.

Apply Now

So if you think you should be a part of this then we're encouraging you to apply now.

Part Scholarships

If you're burning to do this series but can't afford it, we are putting together some partial scholarships, so apply and indicate your interest in our part scholarships.

All face-to-face

It's really hard to beat the value of an over-the-shoulder face-to-face experience. For this reason we're focusing all our attention on making this a great experience. We're not against offering remote training, but it isn't going to be the primary delivery format for this time around.

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