Thursday, August 22, 2013

Upcoming Sessions: HTML5, Business Model Creation and the Tech of Marketing

Some of our upcoming sessions will touch on less techie topics (for the hard-core developers out there, don't worry only a few) but not before we get the HTML5 session out the door. Look out for The Technology Behind Online Marketing and the Business Model Creation Primer this September.

HTML5 Essentials is next
Most of our own learning about Tutorate has come through conversations with our participants. As we learn more about their interests we begin to figure out what will work. In fact, the majority of our knowledge sessions have been developed through these kinds of conversations.

The majority of our knowledge sessions have been developed through ... conversations.

Knowledge Sessions on Tools for Marketing and Business Model Creation

Our most recent conversations have led to two new sessions, the Technology Behind Online Marketing and the Business Model Creation Primer. In a conversation last week I was sharing about the methodologies I'm using to "experiment" with business ideas, we discussed ideas about business model creation from Alex Osterwalder and Customer Development from Steve Blank. In fact I've been encouraged to do a session on the topic. 

Since I'm not the expert on Business Model Innovation it will take the form of sharing the principles of the approach, what I've been doing and how it can help others. The process has been hugely useful to us and based on recent conversations, there are others who will find our experience valuable. So we're going to do this. 

September 12, 2013 will be our first ever "Business of Tech" session where we look at an approach to Business Model Creation

The Technology Behind Online Marketing came from a different space. There's a lot of mythology floating around the internet about technology and how it magically makes all marketing better. This session doesn't claim to teach marketing, instead it's an exploration of the tools that we think should be part of a digital marketer's "toolbelt". We also strive to help you with your understanding so you don't get bamboozled by the next magic peddler.

Stay tuned. There will be more from Tutorate.

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