Friday, July 12, 2013

The Document Layout and Formatting Workshop was a Success

Tutorate Local is the “label” we give to workshops that are offered as small face to face offerings. This is to distinguish from our online offerings. Doclayout is the first one that we’ve offered under the new banner. The next workshop will be Websites on a Budget. A lot of the feedback can be summarized as “I should have known this on my last project”.  To this we say, “you’re” welcome and we hope the knowledge will make your next project 10 times easier".

While the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, we are keen to “decode” the comments that point towards problems. Here’s one example:
“I liked the fact that there weren’t too many participants at the workshop I would have liked to have more time to practise”

What we understand from this comment is that they wanted to be able to try out what they were learning.  Our goal is to provide as much useful information around a topic, so that you can immediately start using it. Towards this end our workshops are loaded with practical examples, if you are quick enough you can follow along and try out the examples. This becomes a balancing act, since we don't want you to spend 40 minutes practicing and as a result lose out on the additional information. We're aware of this challenge and will certainly take it into account with future workshops.

We look forward to future learning experiences.

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