Monday, January 7, 2013

Local first approach - Workshop for local entrepreneurs

"Websites on a budget" is our latest product from Tutorate. It is firstly a local workshop and then an online course. We've decided to target a non-developer audience with this one. The video elaborates on what we're about with this one.

Our ideal participant has a small business, wants to put up a website and is savvy enough to be able to upload digital images to twitter and facebook.  It's not a "website from scratch" type workshop. Basically we're introducing our audience to a recipe to get a simple but professional website up and running. It's just what you need to understand to judge the value of someone who may be doing it for your or what you need to know to get the task done. Our goal is to reduce the guess work and get them going really quickly at a modest cost.

If you're lucky enough to be local (we're in Jamaica) then you should really think about attending the in person workshop. If you're not we're aiming at getting an online workshop up soon.
Learn more about our website on a tight budget workshop

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